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Job Seekers Find Bias Against The Unemployed_1431

Job Seekers Find Bias Against The Unemployed,abercrombie
Unemployed workers face big hurdles as they try to get new jobs in today's economy. First, there's the numbers game: Close to 25 million workers unemployed or under-employed looking for jobs. In fact, there are five unemployed workers for every single job opening in the economy.
Increasingly, though, jobless workers are facing the ultimate barrier. Some employers are saying if you're out of work, we don't want to hire you.
Until he got laid off more than two years ago, Michael Hall was a road warrior. "I would leave my home here in California about 3 a.m. to catch a flight and get home Friday around midnight," he says.
In between, he'd often make eight more airline connections as he flew around the country.
Hall's job was demonstrating high-tech equipment for data and phone networks. His hard work, engineering training and social skills helped him pull down a solid six-figure income.
But now Hall, who is 50 years old and single, spends most of his time looking for work. He says he has applied for well over 1,000 jobs. Every three months or so, he manages to get an interview. But so far, no luck. He says he knows it's not personal.
"But, try telling that to some kid who asked every single girl to the prom in his high school and they all said no. After a while, being told that you're not desired or wanted that many times, it might start to sink in, but you try to block it out," he says.
Hall says he mostly manages to remain hopeful. But he is really troubled by one thing: the prejudice many hiring managers seem to hold against the unemployed.
"Two specifically came right out and said we don't like to hire people that are unemployed. And one followed that with 'So, why are you unemployed?' in almost an indignant manner, which seemed kind of insulting. And the obvious answer is, well,christian louboutin, because people like you don't like to hire unemployed people," Hall says.
This is a common complaint from unemployed workers ? that employers only want to hire people who already have jobs and that there's a view that there must be something wrong with you if you're unemployed.
Chris Shablak, CEO of West Coast Careers, a recruiting and staffing company, confirms those perceptions. And he says he has clients who tell him they don't want him to hire unemployed workers. Shablak thinks there are legitimate reasons behind that strategy.
"If you think about the talent in that unemployed market, you would realize that companies rarely lay off their best skilled workers," he says.
So, he says it's not surprising that some companies don't want to hire the unemployed.
"It's people that aren't top performers. So if you're ABC Corporation and you're trying to hire the best salesperson out there, and you're looking at unemployed people,abercrombie and fitch, it might not be the group of people with the best skills," he says.
Hall says when he hears that,abercrombie and fitch paris, it makes him feel like an outcast.
"It sounds, and it really feels like, society wants you to voluntarily walk out onto the ice floe. And I'm not ready for that. I'm too young to pack it all in. I've got a lot yet to offer,moncler," he says.
In fact,abercrombie paris, some other staffing experts have pointed out that given the massive layoffs in the economy, the chances of finding top performers in the current pool of unemployed workers is probably higher than at any time in memory.
And there may be another reason for companies to make sure they consider the unemployed.
"It's quite possible that discriminating against someone because they're unemployed is illegal,abercrombie and fitch," says Judy Conti, who represents the National Employment Law Project, an advocacy group for low-income and unemployed workers.
She acknowledges that there is no specific statute protecting unemployed individuals. But, Conti says, because people of color,franklin marshall, who are protected against discrimination, have higher than average unemployment rates,abercrombie france, an argument could be made that refusing to consider unemployed people for jobs is illegal.
"With record high levels of unemployment and with people being out of work for so long now,abercrombie, clearly this problem and this prejudice is growing," Conti says.
Conti's organization has brought the issue to the attention of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and she says the black and Hispanic caucuses are preparing letters urging the commission to take quick action on the issue.
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I Love the Beauty of Changjiang Gorges ??????????_1262

I Love the Beauty of Changjiang Gorges ??????????
Boys and girls,The Three Gorges area,on the Changjiang River,stretched from Fengjie of Sichuan Province east to Yichang of Hubei Province,louboutin, a total of 193 km. The Qutang Gorge is from Baidicheng to Daxi Brook,abercrombie, the Wu Gorge is from the Wu Mountain to Badong, and the Xiling Gorge, from Zigui to Nanjinguan Pass. The voyage through the Three Gorges is an unforgettable experience. The river winds its way through countless valleys, around steep peaks,over crucial rapids and whirlpools,like a picturesque corridor(??), presenting changing scenery all the way.Whether in the past or at present,abercrombie and fitch paris, at home or abroad, tourists take pride in paying a visit to them,poets write poems and songs about them, and artists paint them in pictures.Libai, a famous poet of Tang Dynasty, described the scene as follows? While the monkeys on both banks are still gibbering in your ears,franklin marshall, away has the boat flown past tens of thousands of hills. He said so showing [to show](1)how powerful and rapid the currents are! Actually it sometimes takes hours for a boat to round a turn in the cliffs so sharp that one can see no opening for the river course, and that one has little sun on his way through the gorges.The old gorges have taken on a new look. Navigation (??)through the Changjiang Gorges has been enormously improved since the liberation, 1949. You can see different kinds of ships, such as steamships, sailing boats, tugs, barges, life boats and airships, sailing up and down the gorges. From time to time, handsome modern passenger ships,christian louboutin, painted white or some other colour, with wonderful superstructure, fitted with all sorts of up-to-date equipment like searchlights, radar, depth indicator,abercrombie and fitch, 1400-horsepower twin diesel engines, and radio telephones between ship and shore and between ships,abercrombie and fitch, can be seen, carrying about 1 500 passengers safely to different parts of the country. Passengers can see live television in the air-conditioned cabins during their voyage. Along the banks, green woods,abercrombie france, yellow and sweet citrus (??) orchards and fertile fields have taken the place of sheer, bare rock walls. Fast-developing cities, such as Wanxian, Yichang , Shashi , are dotted on [dot] (2) the old lonely gorge banks.Above all , a plan to build a dam at Three Gorges was proposed in the Ten Year Development Plan of the 1992 National People's Congress. The project will serve several purposes,moncler, including flood control, power production and navigation. It is not only an extremely huge project, but also a great cause which benefits future generations.Mother gave birth to me in the Three Gorges area 17 years ago. I feel proud of being a native of the Three Gorges.I'm lucky to be living not only at such a golden time, but also in the gorge area.I've made up my mind to devote myself to the building of the great reservoir with determination,courage and ardor.Thank you for your attention.??????????
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President Bush Discusses Colombia, Urges Congress to Pass Trade

President Bush Discusses Colombia, Urges Congress to Pass Trade Agreement
March 4,abercrombie and fitch paris, 2008
THE PRESIDENT: This morning I spoke to President Uribe of Colombia. He updated me on the situation in his country,christian louboutin, including the continuing assault by narco-terrorists,abercrombie and fitch, as well as the provocative maneuvers by the regime in Venezuela.
I told the President that America fully supports Colombia's democracy,abercrombie, and that we firmly oppose any acts of aggression that could destabilize the region. I told him that America will continue to stand with Colombia as it confronts violence and terror and fights drug traffickers.
President Uribe told me that one of the most important ways America can demonstrate its support for Colombia is by moving forward with a free trade agreement that we negotiated. The free trade agreement will show the Colombian people that democracy and free enterprise lead to a better life. It will help President Uribe counter the radical vision of those who are seeking to undermine democracy and create divisions within our hemisphere.
Our country's message to President Uribe and the people of Colombia is that we stand with our democratic ally. My message to the United States Congress is that this trade agreement is more than a matter of smart economics,franklin marshall, it is a matter of national security. If we fail to approve this agreement,abercrombie and fitch, we will let down our close ally,abercrombie, we will damage our credibility in the region,abercrombie france, and we will embolden the demagogues in our hemisphere.
The President told me that the people across the region are watching to see what the United States will do. So Republicans and Democrats in Congress need to come together and approve this agreement. By acting at this critical moment,abercrombie paris, we can show the Colombian people and millions across the region that they can count on America to keep its word,moncler, and that freedom is the surest path to prosperity and peace.
Thank you very much.
END 1:08 P.M. EST
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half-a-percentage-point drop

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